Sports director Werner in an interview: “We want to keep most of the squad”

New times are dawning at Carl Zeiss, which effects the prescribed austerity course has on the sporting path of the FCC, explains sports director Tobias Werner (36) in the BILD interview.

BILD: Mr. Werner, why is Jena also successful with a significantly smaller budget?

Werner: “We have good hopes of being able to retain a large part of the current squad. Nobody is satisfied with the regional league here. We will attack, want to come out of the ambush.”

BILD: Only six players have a contract. Are there any signals that one or the other wants to extend?

Werner: “There are. We are in good talks and are showing the perspective. The boys still have time to decide. If they don’t, we also have alternatives. The market is extremely exciting right now.”

BILD: Are there already departures?

Werner: “Two players have said they are leaving. Alexander Prokopenko was well known, and now there is Felix Drinkuth, who is going to Lübeck.”

BILD: What arguments do you have for persuading the professionals to stay despite the austerity measures?

Werner: “The boys know what they have in the club, the fans and the city and see what is happening here. Jena is and remains an attractive address. You have to understand one thing: if we stay together, we will be successful.”

BILD: The coaching team will be significantly reduced. To what extent does the working method of the team change?

Werner: “We were very well positioned in the coaching team, but we have to adapt to the circumstances. The upcoming tasks, for example in the preparation and follow-up work, are now distributed to fewer shoulders. But no one will fall into bed exhausted at night because the workload is too high. Everyone is ready to make their contribution.”


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