SpaceSpeakers releases MV above 10,000 meters

Touliver, Soobin, Binz, Rhymastic, SlimV, Kien Ung release MV “Hurry up!” and interacted with more than 300 passengers on Vietnam Airlines flight, morning 11/7.

For the first time, a music video was released on a Vietnam Airlines flight. After this event, the MV will be broadcast on online platforms at 8 pm.

On the flight on the morning of July 11, when the plane reached an altitude of 10,000 meters and allowed passengers to leave their seats, Soobin, Binz and Rhymastic appeared and performed the song. Hurry up!. Then Touliver, SlimV and Kien Ung continued the exchange, giving gifts, taking pictures with everyone.

SpaceSpeakers members join the flight. Image: SpaceSpeakers

Rhymastic said this is a memorable milestone for SpaceSpeakers, because the members have never interacted with the audience and sang live on the flight. The male artist hopes that the audience will continue to support the MV after its debut on music platforms.

The airline’s representative said that the flight was the focus of the MV promotion campaign and had been carefully prepared for many months. The organizer focuses on each ticket, thank you letter or publication to create emotions for the audience.

Rhymastic flight chat.  Photo: SpaceSpeakers

Rhymastic flight chat. Image: SpaceSpeakers

Vietnam Airlines will use Hurry up! made the title track, played at landing on over 400 flights and reached over 100,000 passengers a day. The project is also devoted to SpaceSpeakers with the participation of all artists in the process of composing, performing, and mixing. MV Hurry up! made by director Kien Ung, elaborately invested with many large-scale scenes, showing the beauty of Vietnam’s landscape.

Hurry up! has a very different color from previous works by Touliver, Soobin, Binz, Rhymastic and SlimV. The song is upbeat and inspirational. Mixture mix of ethnic and modern music. Lead vocalist Soobin combines Binz and Rhymastic raps, creating a vibrant rhythm for the song.

Soobin took pictures with fans.  Photo: SpaceSpeakers

Soobin took pictures with fans. Image: SpaceSpeakers

Via MV Hurry up!Vietnam Airlines shows its efforts to rejuvenate the brand, reach more classes of customers, while preserving traditional cultural values.

Also with this work, SpaceSpeakers Group wants to create a theme song for the National Airlines – Vietnam Airlines, thereby spreading the message, inspiring travel, discovering experiences after two years of Covid-19. SpaceSpeakers Group also considers joining hands with National Airlines as a step forward in music activities.

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