Sovereign 4-0 in Wegberg: The Prussians are now top!

This is how Münster’s regional league table cannot be stopped …

Sovereign 4-0 in Wegberg-Beeck. Prussia shoots its way to the top!

Also in the fourth game of the new season, the boys from coach Sascha Hildmann (49) kept their clean slate. In Wegberg-Beeck, where there was an unfortunate 2-1 defeat last year, they achieved an undisputed 4-0 success. Leader of the table with the optimal yield of 12 points. No question, the Prussians are – at least currently – absolutely fair to their role as favorites …

Hildmann was relieved after the final whistle: “My team checked it here and now and played it down with commitment. I can also be very satisfied with the way the chances have been exploited this time. “

In front of almost 800 spectators, including a good 400 fans from Münster, Nicolai Remberg (21) set the signs for victory early on. After a great interaction with Gerrit Wegkamp (28), he hammered the ball underneath the crossbar (14th) for Wegberg’s keeper.

Nicolai Remberg set the early signs of a Prussian victory with his leading goalPhoto: firo Sportphoto / Jan Fromme

After Henok Theklab (22) did not get the ball in front of the box in the 25th minute, the home side had their best chance five minutes later. However, Adler keeper Max Schulze Niehues (32) can still steer a tight long-range shot from midfielder Meik Kühnel (26) to the crossbar with a brilliant save. Lucky …

Even after the break, the Prussians needed a good quarter of an hour’s run-up, but then turned it up completely. Within eight minutes, they turned the 1-0 lead into a clear 4-0 lead.

● 65th minute: Julian Schauerte (33) serves Gerrit Wegkamp from the left, who lurks at the far post and can push in without being forced to make it 2-0.

● 68th minute: First Jules Schwadorf (28) fails on Wegberg-Schnapper, but Thorben Deters (26) scores 3-0 in the margin. Already the third goal of the season for the ex-Lübeck.

● 73rd minute: Luke Hemmerich finally puts the lid on, scores the most beautiful goal of the day. Only shortly before that, the newcomer (23 / from Würzburg) thrashes the ball volley from 16 meters into the Wegberg net.

“Front runner, front runner – hej, hej” – around 400 fans also celebrated their Prussians in Wegberg-BeeckPhoto: photo booth

Successful day for the Prussians and their supporters who traveled with them, who repeatedly chanted loudly “Front runner, front runner – hey, hey”. Next Saturday it’s at home against SV Rödinghausen (2 pm). The hunt for the fifth victory in series…


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