Soon the end of the red stamp?

The boss of the La Poste group wonders about the need to maintain the red stamp which guarantees delivery of the letter the next day, while the French send far fewer urgent letters.

La Poste could abandon the red stamp, which guarantees delivery of the letter the next day but is used less and less, said Saturday the boss of the group Philippe Wahl, at the microphone of France Inter, in the program “We do not stop not the eco ”. “Is it still useful, when we have everything we need as an urgent means of communication, to keep a red letter?“Asked Philippe Wahl.

Ten years ago, French families wrote about fifty red, urgent letters a year. Last year it’s five“, Explained the boss of La Poste. Among the sliders that must be activated to change La Poste, “we must ask the question of D + 1», He launched.

In 2020, there were 1.6 billion fewer traditional mails sent

The traditional mail business suffered particularly from the health crisis in 2020, with a 13% drop in turnover and volumes down 18% over one year, i.e. 1.6 billion fewer letters. The 29% increase in classic parcel volumes (Colissimo) was not enough to cushion this drop.

La Poste launched its 2021-2030 strategic plan on Thursday, with the ambition of making the group public “the first European platform for links and exchanges», By preserving mail delivery, strengthening its position in the parcel market and developing new services. Negotiations are underway with the State to redefine this public service mission and clarify the offer.

If the post office is busy, it will remain

What we are asking of the State is simple: that it compensate for the constraints of the public service missions that it places at our expense.», Underlined Philippe Wahl. “Last year La Poste had 260 million compensations and public service charges cost it well over a billion“. “Basically what we’re looking to do is be available 6 days a week for our customers“, Explained the boss of La Poste.

This year, we are going to launch the postman appointment, which will allow all internet customers to make an appointment with their postman to deliver a package or a registered letter.“. The number of contact points, “will be managed with local communities“. “If the post office is busy, it will remainOpen, Philippe Wahl said.

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