Son Ye Jin was embarrassed by revealing the dating story

South KoreaActor Son Ye Jin said shyly when he first revealed his love for actor Hyun Bin.

“Bright New Year has arrived. The first time you appear before you is not news about work but personal life, why am I so ashamed. , that’s it. Even though I don’t know what to say, I think I should still express something to you. I feel very shy and strange, “Son Ye Jin wrote on his personal page after being hurt. Dispatch Dating news with Hyun Bin on the first day of 2021.

The actor thanks for meeting the good man and promises to take care of himself, live better. She said: “I always cherish your love and support in my heart. Hope to have many wonderful things for us in the new year. Everyone to stay healthy.” She posted a basket of roses with a message to celebrate the new year.

Son Ye Jin admits to love Hyun Bin. Image: Instagram Yejinhand.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have kept private stories for many years, sharing little love stories. Apart from a few rumors about her love for her colleagues, Ye Jin has never publicly dated anyone. OnNews Five years ago, she said she didn’t care about her looks, she just wanted to meet a good person. “I feel burdened to fall in love with a handsome person,” she said.

According to the PannBecause Hyun Bin does not have any social media accounts, every statement is through the management company, so the actress’s move attracted the attention of the media and fans. Ye Jin’s share received nearly 514,000 likes after an hour. The majority of fans support the couple, advising them to get married soon this year.

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The pair of stars took a photo with the audience on the movie's release date.  Photo: Naver.

The pair of stars posed for a photo with the audience on the day of the movie’s release of the movie “The negotiation of life and death”. Image: Naver.

Son Ye Jin was born in 1982, has 22 years of artistic activity, marked with Summer, Classic, April Snow, And I’ll come… Hyun Bin is the same age as his girlfriend, real name Kim Tae Pyung, hit the screen in 2003, famous for I’m Kim Sam Soon, The world they live in (starring with Song Hye Kyo), Secret garden… The two met on set Mortal talks, film fake real love after acting together Landing where he is.

Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin love

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are in love on the set. Video: tvN.

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