Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin – the beauty of the actor’s marriage

Son Ye Jin once said that she did not care about her lover’s appearance, but was about to marry one of the most prominent actors in Korea.

“Hyun Bin is getting married to Son Ye Jin” is the most searched keyword on Naver and forums. The number of viewers accessing the entertainment section on the news agency Yonhap News, JoongAng Ilbo, News, Xsportnews, Osen… spike. Reviews Landing where you are – their hit TV series late 2019, early 2020 – also increased.

Many media agencies believe that the good news of the couple born in 1982 is equally interested, even more than Jang Dong Gun – Go So Young (in 2010), Bi Rain – Kim Tae Hee (January 2017), Song Joong Ki – Song Hye Kyo (October 2017)…

Page SBS called the two artists “superstars”, likening their happy day to the “wedding of the century”. Many famous Korean websites and the audience think that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are “golden lovers”, “powerful actors” and said that their wedding is the focus of Asian showbiz in March. ..

Hyun Bin’s management company – VAST Entertainment – posted a photo of Hyun Bin’s character, Ye Jin holding hands in the movie “Crash Landing on You” and a handwritten letter announcing the great joy. The wedding took place in March in Seoul, with only two families and close friends to prevent the epidemic. Photo: tvN, VAST

It is rare for an artist couple to be supported by 100% of their colleagues and the audience as soon as their relationship is made public.

Many viewers agree with the series of posts above Dispatch, Newsis, Newsen… and commented that “beautiful people often marry amateurs”. Fans even urged them to fall in love for the first time in a movie collaboration Life and death negotiations back in 2018.

Above Instagram, the fan community said they would fulfill their promise to “open a party to celebrate seven days and seven nights if the idol gets married”. The audience wrote: “Too proportionate. Same age, similar career, influence, beauty and even fortune”, “The most anticipated wedding of the 2020s”, “At the beginning of the year of marriage, at the end of the year to welcome. first child, both ways”, “Ye Jin may not be Hyun Bin’s first love, but I believe she is definitely his last”… During 23 years of operation, Son Ye Jin has never been public Who is dating, while Hyun Bin is quite peachy, once had three pink balls: Hwang Ji Hyun (period 2005-2007), Song Hye Kyo (2009-2011), Kang So Ra (2016-2017)…

Newsis quoting the lines of Captain Ri Jung Hyuk – played by Hyun Bin – in Landing where you: “It’s not a coincidence, it’s fate.” Dispatch – Korea’s leading dating site “unmasking” – pinned the news “Hyun Bin loves Son Ye Jin” on January 1, 2021 on the front page, and repeated the statement “doesn’t care about looks”, Son Ye Jin’s “burdened when it comes to loving a handsome man” when asked about the ideal boyfriend in the past.

In the article “Please explain now…” late February 10, Dispatch provocative the actress “wrongly said” because Hyun Bin is too handsome, always at the top of the looks polls. This newspaper wrote, “Not only Son Ye Jin… from the first day of her debut, Lee Na Young said ‘I don’t care about looks’ many times. However, she married Won Bin, a man as handsome as a sculpture. statue”.

The star couple had many love scenes when filming the final episodes of Landing Where He was in Switzerland.  Photo: tvN

The star couple had many love scenes when filming the final episodes of “Crash Landing on You” in Switzerland. Photo: tvN

Follow Dispatch, Landing where you are is a beautiful memory not only for Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin but also for making fans believe in love. In the movie, the character of they make fans “melt” with expensive lines. In episode nine, the main couple had to break up in tears. Captain Ri (Hyun Bin) tries to bring Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) back to Korea in attachment. The scriptwriter let the North Korean soldier step through the barbed wire fence separating the North and South with the sentiment: “It’s okay to take one more step.”

In episode 16, the last episode, Yoon Se Ri was discharged from the hospital and ran to the border area in time to say goodbye to her lover. Seeing him handcuffed by the North Korean army, she forgot the pain from the wound and ran to him. Captain Ri Jung Hyuk crossed the yellow line dividing the two regions, despite the threats of gunfire to give her one last hug. Many viewers said they couldn’t hold back their emotions while watching this scene. The line detail once again carries the message of love that transcends all barriers.

Above Pann, The audience said they were moved by the moment when Hyun Bin’s character took a bullet for his lover or exchanged a kiss at the hospital… The scene of a loving couple walking in the rain in Korea attracted hundreds of thousands of likes and shares on social media. movie fan page. Many fans commented that Ri Jung Hyuk was delicate when leaning the umbrella towards his lover, shielding her from getting wet.

Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin's tearful kiss

The tearful kiss of Hyun Bin, Ye Jin in “Crash Landing on You”. Video: Netflix

Not only are they entwined in the movie, they are also sweet in real life. In the wedding announcement letter, Ye Jin complimented Hyun Bin for being warm and protected when he was with him. In early 2021, she once said she was happy to meet a good man and promised to take care of herself. In the eyes of the actor, his fiancée is beautiful, implying that she is “the perfect half”. “Whenever they talk about each other, their eyes can’t hide their fullness,” a reporter once said above Naver.

Hyun Bin does not use social networks, all statements are through the management company, so Son Ye Jin’s move is on Instagram always attract the attention of the media and fans.

Son Ye Jin is one of the most popular Korean stars, marked with Summer, Classic, April Snow, And You’ll Come… Hyun Bin real name Kim Tae Pyung, hit the screen in 2003, famous for I’m Kim Sam Soon, The world they live in (starring with Song Hye Kyo), Secret garden

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