Soaps and detergents become expensive, rates of all including Surf Excel-Lifebuoy have increased, check new price

HUL product price hike: Inflation has again hit the general public. After petrol-diesel, gas cylinder, soap and surf have become expensive. Hindustan Unilever (HUL) has increased the prices of soap and surf amidst rising inflation. The FMCG company has increased the prices by up to 20 percent. Let us tell you that the prices of many soaps including Wheel, Rin, Lifebuoy have increased.

Rising raw material prices
The company said that due to the continuous increase in the prices of raw materials, the prices of soaps and detergents have been increased. Last year also the prices of soap and surf were increased due to increase in input cost.

Which product became so expensive-
Rin Bar – 10 to 20
Lifebuoy 125 GMS – 29 to 31
Pears 125GMS – 76 to 83
Wheel Powder 1KG – 60 to 62

Surf Excel times too expensive
The FMCG company said that the prices of Surf Excel detergent have been increased the most. Its prices have been increased by about 20 percent. Compared to earlier, its prices have increased by about Rs. At the same time, the price of Surf Excel bar has increased from Rs 10 to Rs 12.

Know how expensive the soap became
HUL has increased the price of Pearce soap by Rs. At present, Pearce’s soap is available for Rs 76. At the same time, its price has increased to Rs 83. Apart from this, the price of Lifebuoy soap has increased from Rs 29 to Rs 31. Apart from this, the price of a bundle pack (of four 250 gm bars) of Rin soap has also been increased by Rs 72 to Rs 76.

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