So that it rattles in Cologne’s box: Prussia is hoping for Wegkamp goals …

If you want to win, you have to score goals – it’s that easy in football. But the implementation didn’t always work out for Münster’s regional league kickers in the first half of the season. Parade example: The 0: 1 bankruptcy among the FC amateurs …

So that it rattles in Cologne’s box. Prussia hopes for Wegkamp goals!

With only 32 goals scored, the team of head coach Sascha Hildmann (48) is just in the middle of the table. For comparison: front runner Dortmund II scored exactly twice (!) As often as the fourth division fourth. Hildmann confirms: “We definitely missed too many good chances.” And with it important counters.

At the Cologne U23 it was especially blatant in October. At least seven big things remained unused at the time, including a penalty from captain Julian Schauerte (32). Should change on Saturday in the second leg (2 p.m. / Hammer Straße). The Prussians hope for winter shopping and ex-Bundesliga professional Gerrit Wegkamp (27). Hildmann is convinced: “With him we gained real quality in the attack. Gerrit will definitely score his goals in the next few weeks … “

It goes without saying that Wegkamp is set against the little FC. Just like goalkeeper Max Schulze Niehues (32 / plays his 200th game for Prussia) and the back four before that of the central defender duo Simon Scherder (27) and Marcel Hoffmeier (21) as well as Schauerte (right) and left-back Niklas Heidemann (26). Although its use is still a bit wobbly due to slight thigh problems, Lukas Frenkert (21) is available as an alternative.

On the other hand, Hildmann keeps a secret of the rest of the list. Especially since he has all 25 field players available, not a single failure to complain. Hildmann: “A grateful situation for me as a trainer. For the seven players I have to remove from the squad, however, not so nice. But a professional just has to go through it … “

Today is his 200th compulsory game for the Prussians: goalkeeper Max Schulze NiehuesPhoto: picture alliance / augenklick / firo Sportphoto

The fact is: Against Cologne, the Prussians want to continue their small series – in 2021 they started with three zero games in (2-0 against Rödinghausen and two times 1-0 in Bergisch Gladbach and Homberg). With a force that is as powerful as possible. “You can feel the competition during training,” says Hildmann, “everyone is totally committed to the cause. I’m really looking forward to the hot March. “It brings 7 games in just 28 days.

And thus plenty of opportunities for Wegkamp and Co. to score goals and collect points …


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