So Leipzig is planning the talent breakthrough – Hartmann to Paderborn

Slowly, the hard and costly work should bear fruit.

Since RB was founded in 2009, the club has developed rapidly. So far, this does not apply to the offspring. No Leipzig home grown man was able to establish himself permanently in the ranks of the runner-up. That should change now! Due to the ever increasing transfer fees, the Saxons want to focus more on their own youth in the future.

This is how Leipzig is planning the talent breakthrough!

In August 2020 the Saxons opened the “Career Center”. The idea is not new: young, promising players who have little or no chance of playing time in the top-class squad are loaned out to weaker clubs or in smaller leagues in order to gain a foothold in the men’s division.

RB relies on longer loan periods, usually one and a half to two years. In addition, three places in the training squad of the RB professionals have been reserved for the youngsters. This also serves as an incentive for the talents who have not yet had a chance with the stars.

The goal: With the experience gained, it should be easier for the talents to establish themselves in the professional squad. It pays off: Tom Krauss (19), who is loaned out to 1. FC Nürnberg until the summer of 2022, earned a regular place at the second division team.

Ex-professionals Per Nilsson (38) and Sebastian Kegel (38), who are in constant contact with the talents and their clubs, pull the strings in the “Career Center”. Both report to Christopher Vivell (34), the technical director of Leipzig.

With Fabrice Hartmann (20), another talent is now leaving Saxony on loan. The striker should take the next steps in Paderborn. Joscha Wosz (18) is also a candidate.

So that a home-grown RB can finally make the breakthrough.


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