SNCF strikes: disruptions this weekend on the TGV Paris-Lille axis

All passengers whose TGV is canceled will still be able to get to their destination by switching to other trains in circulation.

Traffic is disrupted this Saturday and Sunday on the North axis of the TGV “Because of a local social movement”, indicates the SNCF. But travelers whose train is canceled can however transfer free of charge to the TGV in circulation to get to their destination. “The traffic is almost normal since 100% of travelers can circulate”, ensures the SNCF despite the inevitable delays and complications of the journey for the travelers concerned.

Earlier this week, the railway unions called for a strike this weekend of departures on Christmas vacation to demand wage increases and the improvement of their working conditions. Before lifting their strike notice Thursday evening following negotiations with management, which accepted the payment of bonuses.

Traffic remained disrupted on the South-East axis of the TGV on Friday, with one in two TGVs in circulation on the first day of departure on vacation. Apart from the disruptions on the Paris-Lille axis, the transport plan on the TGV between Hauts-de-France and the East, the South-East and the Atlantic is normal on Saturday and Sunday.


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