SNCF: management offers a “purchasing power bonus” to railway workers

The amount of the bonus will depend on whether or not a global agreement is signed by unions with at least 50% union representativeness.

The management of the SNCF, which organized a meeting on Wednesday to negotiate compensation, notably proposed to the unions a “purchasing power bonus” paid in December, as well as measures that would come into force in 2022 or beyond, we learned from corroborating sources.

At midday, several hundred railway workers demanding a “Generalized increase in wages” had gathered at the call of an inter-union Unsa rail, SUD-Rail and CFDT-Cheminots in front of the SNCF headquarters in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), where this meeting was organized.

The amount of the proposed “purchasing power bonus” will depend on whether or not a global agreement on compensation is signed. “Until December 10” by unions with at least 50% union representativeness, said unions and management. In case of’“A 50% signature”, this bonus will reach 600 euros for salaries up to 1.5 Smic or 300 euros for those up to 3 Smic, while“In the absence of signature”, the premium will drop to 500 euros for salaries up to 1.5 Smic or 250 euros for those up to 2.5 Smic, according to these sources.

The management also made other proposals conditional on the signing of the agreement, such as an annual increase in the “work premium” intended for “All employees” which will increase by 220 euros gross per year with signature against 200 euros without signature, or a “Revaluation of low wages” from which 61,000 employees will benefit in the event of signature against 30,000 without signature, according to a table of “Salary measures” proposed consulted by AFP.

For the management, “It is important to promote the signature of trade unions”, who “Have the draft text in hand” and “Until December 10 to decide”, she told AFP. Regarding career development, “We proposed to add a possibility of progression at the end of the career”, she pointed out.

“An act 1”

At Unsa railway, management’s proposals are judged “Encouraging”. “The group has made efforts, it has heard the anger of the employees”, declared to AFP Florent Monteilhet, deputy secretary general of the second representative union of the SNCF, which will “Consult its structures” to decide whether or not to sign the agreement.

SUD-Rail considers on the contrary that “The account is not there” and that the management has “Not heard this anger” railway workers. For 2021, there is “Nothing on wages” and “For 2022, specific measures that will catch up with nothing”, castigates in a leaflet the third union of the group, whose members “Will decide on the follow-up to be given to these announcements”.

The CFDT-Cheminots considers for its part that, “Without the mobilization of railway workers”, The direction “Probably would not have made these proposals”. For its secretary general, Thomas Cavel, “The protest has borne fruit. It’s an act 1 ”. Before questioning its structures and making a decision, his union will wait for negotiations on the remuneration scheduled for this month in the company, then in the railway branch: “We’ll see when we have the set”, he told AFP. In addition to the inter-union rally, SUD-Rail called for a strike on Wednesday, as did the CGT-Cheminots, the group’s first union. A movement which disrupted the traffic of regional trains, while that of long-distance trains was normal.


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