Sir Lucian Grainge, the man who whispers in the ears of rock stars

PORTRAIT – On September 21, 2021, he will become the sole master aboard a Universal Music Group listed in Amsterdam.

Behind the incredible success of Universal Music Group (UMG), there is a man; Sir Lucian Grainge, boss of the group since 2011. This Londoner, born in 1960 in the northern district of the capital, is a mad lover of music who has always kept the energy of the punk movement of his adolescence. Lucian Grainge has built himself by winning virtually all of his fights. Extremely discreet, he confided this week to Financial Times having had to fight for her son who was saved at birth despite the complications that claimed the life of his mother. He also fought in March 2020 against the Covid which plunged him into intensive care for almost a month at Ucla Hospital in Los Angeles. But above all, he fought his entire career to save the music industry and his record company Universal during the black decade of the 2000s.

This is the hidden face of an outstanding boss, ennobled in 2016 by Prince Williams, drowning in rewards, celebrated as the best manager in the sector

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