Silence makes noise

In the cities, it had almost been forgotten. And then, last March, on the occasion of the first confinement, he returned to our lives. Some city dwellers even appreciated it so much that they decided to migrate to the countryside. Not that going green means the absence of noise. But the rooster crowing at 6 a.m., even if it can be annoying, has nothing to do with the barnum of a garbage truck …

Since then, the silence has never stopped talking about him. “Is silence important in your life? “ even asks EDF, since October, on its collaborative platform EDF Pulse & You. A call for projects accompanied by a survey to learn all about our sound environment and “Maximize the pleasure of the chosen silence” thanks to new services …

This new interest does not date from the pandemic. In our chatty and gaudy time, silence has been considered the new luxury for several years: “Cold, silence, loneliness are states that tomorrow will be negotiated more expensive than gold”, wrote Sylvain Tesson in 2011 in his book “In the Siberian Forests” (Gallimard).

The American bioacoustician Gordon Hempton claims that there are only 50 places left on the planet devoid of any noise pollution. In 2005, he marked with a red stone a very small location in Olympic National Park (Washington State), the “One Square inch of Silence”, a sanctuary. “Preserved from the noise of men”.

A sanctuary preserved from the noise of men in the forest of the park

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