Show about how to cope with depression during the epidemic won Emmy

The stand-up comedy show “Inside” – about living alone during the pandemic, directed, starred and produced by Bo Burnham – won three 2021 Emmy Awards.

Trailer “Inside”. Video: Youtube Non-Stop Cinema

September 12th, EW reported that the show won the award for writing, music directing and directing for the Television Special category at the 73rd Creative Arts Emmy. In which, Bo Burnham surpassed Spike Lee to win in the category. director.

The entire production process was done by him alone at home during the pandemic, without an audience or a support person. The content includes a number of songs and Burnham’s autobiographical words about daily life during quarantine. He describes his declining mental health, talks about his personal feelings and thoughts, and his relationship with the audience. The show also integrates some other Burnham activities such as calling FaceTime, taking photos to post Instagram or play online games… On 253, he turned himself into a game character, then ordered “cry” continuously to relieve stress.

Shown on Netflix in May, the show received positive feedback from critics and audiences, scoring 9.2/10 out of 9.2 Rotten Tomatoes, 98/100 points on Metacritic and 8.7/10 points above IMDb. Most of the comments appreciated the work because it accurately depicts the feeling of social isolation, well integrated comedy, drama, documentary and theater genres. Critic Kristen Baldwin of EW commented the show as a lament of isolation in the digital age – one way Burnham is dealing with the pandemic.

Bo Burnham on the show Inside.  Photo: Netflix

Bo Burnham on the show “Inside”. Photo: Netflix

American Bo Burnham, born in 1990, became famous as a YouTuber in 2006, creating a channel that has attracted 457 million views so far. In 2008, he started his career as a comedian, performing shows like Comedy Central Presents (2009), Words, Words, Words (2010), what. (two thousand and thirteen), Make Happy (2016)… Burnham entered the field of directing and scripting with the work Eighth Grade (2018) received many compliments. He also played supporting roles in a number of movies such as Hall Pass (2011), The Big Sick (2017), Rough Night (2017)… Last year, he appeared in Promising Young Woman (2020).

The Creative Arts Emmys are an Emmy Award that recognizes technical contributions to American television programs. Awards are given to those behind the scenes such as editing, cinematography, music directing, production design, setting, costumes, etc. Cartoons, commercials, special programs or guest actors. also honored in the framework of the award. Creative Arts Emmys takes place for two days September 11-12, before the 73rd Emmy Awards ceremony is held on September 19.

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