Shortage of components: Renault predicts a production loss of 500,000 vehicles in 2021

The group recorded a decrease of 22.3% compared to its third quarter 2020.

The Renault group now anticipates a loss of production “close to 500,000 vehicles over the year“Linked to the component crisis, the automotive group announced on Friday. 170,000 vehicles could not be produced in the third quarter, with many factories closed around the world for lack of components, especially semiconductors.

Renault sold 599,027 vehicles in the third quarter of 2021, a decrease of 22.3% compared to a third quarter of 2020 which marked the recovery of the automotive industry after the paralysis of the first months of the Covid.

However, the French group confirmed its operating margin forecasts for the year, at 2.8% of turnover. The drop in turnover, limited to -13.4%, “confirms the positive impact of the Group’s commercial policy oriented towards better valuation of sales“, According to Renault.

The actions taken to continue to lower costs and optimize the valuation of our production allow us to confirm our guidance for the year despite the deterioration in the availability of components in the third quarter and reduced visibility for the fourth quarter.», Declared the group’s chief financial officer, Clotilde Delbos.


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