Sessions at the psychiatrist reimbursed: the “operational” device on April 5, announces Olivier Véran

All patients over 3 years of age will be able to benefit from it, “on medical orientation” and within the limit of 8 sessions per year.

Announced almost six months ago by Emmanuel Macron, the reimbursement of sessions with the psychologist will see the light of day on April 5. Olivier Véran announced it this Wednesday morning on Franceinfo. “On April 5, this device wanted by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron will be fully operational“said the Minister of Health.

All adults and children over 3 years old will be able to benefit from it, “on medical referral“, insisted Olivier Véran. It will indeed necessarily go, first, to a doctor (general practitioner, pediatrician, geriatrician, school …), who can then direct the person “depending on their disorders, to a psychologist within the framework of the scheme or to another type of care“, specifies the Ministry of Health on its website. This device, called “MonPsy”, targets people “in mild to moderate mental distress“.

Full reimbursement – through health insurance and complementary health insurance – will be limited to eight sessions per year. Corn “this flat rate may be renewed each year, on the doctor’s request, if the patient’s needs so require, for example according to the evolution of the clinical situation“, indicates the ministry.

Critical psychologists

To benefit from reimbursement, you must go to a partner psychologist, whose contact details will be published on the website. “We identified 1000 volunteer psychologists in just a few weeks“Said Olivier Véran. The Minister welcomed a “considerable progress for access to psychological and psychic care in our country“, who “will concern tens, hundreds of thousands of French people“.

The measure should cost 50 million euros to health insurance in 2022, the amount devoted to its financing this year. It is to increase to 100 million euros in 2023 and to 170 million euros per year from 2024.

Among psychologists – numbering 78,000 in France – the device is the subject of criticism. We criticize in particular the compulsory addressing by a doctor, the limit of sessions imposed, or the amount deemed insufficient for reimbursement (40 euros for the first session, 30 euros for the following).

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