Secret meeting in the castle: This is how Büskens Schalke swears by the rise

Schalke’s castle oath for promotion!

Before the possible promotion final on Saturday against St. Pauli (8.30 p.m. / Sport1), interim coach Mike Büskens (54) grabbed his bag of tricks. On Wednesday he suddenly and surprisingly canceled training, instead gathering his team for team building behind a moat and high walls…

Secret meeting in Berge Castle – this is how Büskens Schalke swears by the promotion!

The royal blue pros were amazed when they reached the training ground in the morning. Instead of going on the lawn, we went for a relaxed running session, the goal of which was the nearby Berge Castle in Gelsenkirchen (approx. 2 kilometers away).

There, Büskens and Gerald Asamoah (43/ head of the licensed players’ department) first presented the boys with an extensive breakfast. Then, in a relaxed atmosphere, the next steps up to the kick-off against St. Pauli were discussed.

Take the pressure off, clear your head, gather strength – to be able to switch back to full attack mode on Saturday evening. Hoping to make the return to the Bundesliga perfect with a home win against pursuers vom Kiez (5th)…

In a good mood: Rodrigo Zalazar and Darko Churlinov (from left) were happy about the variety of breakfasts in the castlePhoto: Gerd Scheewel

However, Schalke also needs Fortuna for this – in the truest sense of the word.

Because one thing is clear: the big goal can only be achieved if Düsseldorf cleans promotion rival Darmstadt at home the day before. Otherwise, a week later – on the 34th and last second division matchday – the grand finale will take place in Nuremberg…


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