Second wave of Corona on vehicle sales hit, vehicle sales fell 30 percent in April

The second wave of Corona infection has slowed down the pace of the automobile industry significantly. Due to the lockdown and the corona restrictions imposed in different states, many car and two-wheeler companies have announced to stop production at their plants for one to two weeks. Some companies have already increased the announcement shutdown. Now the trouble of these companies has increased because their sales have fallen significantly in April.

Vehicle sales decreased significantly compared to March

Compared to March this year, sales of vehicles have fallen by 30.18 per cent to 12,70,45 units. According to data from the SIAM, an association of automobile companies, there was a decline in sales of all categories of vehicles. Sales of passenger trains fell by 10.07 per cent to 2,61,633 units. Car sales were down 10.06 per cent to 1,41,194, utility vehicles down 11.02 per cent to 1,08,871 and vans down 0.31 per cent to 11,568 units. Last year, lockdowns across the country saw only 23 three-wheelers. In the other category, while the sales figure was zero. So SIAM has compared the figures of April 2021 to the figures of March this year.

Two-wheeler sales also drop significantly

There has also been a steep decline in sales of two-wheelers. It sold 9,95,097 units in April, which is 33.52 percent less than in March. While sales of electric two-wheelers rose 83.60 percent to 817, sales of all categories of traditional two-wheelers declined. Apart from this, the sales of scooters came down by 34.35 percent to 3,00,462 units. The motorcycles fell by 32.81 per cent to 6,67,841 units.

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