Scissors instead of regular place – RWE professional Sivaci is now a hairdresser

When Bedirhan Sivaci (20) moved to RWE in August 2020, the expectations of the striker were huge.

He had already scored 23 goals in 17 games in TeBe’s youth. For ex-trainer Robin Krüger (32), Sivaci was also a dream player.

More than a year later, the attacker is still waiting for his chance. In the meantime, Sivaci is also breaking new ground, working on the side in the Erfurt hairdressing salon Golden Hair.

“I always cut my own hair and occasionally that of friends. Colleagues came later in the Erfurt cabin. Patrick Weigt then offered me to work in his salon, ”he reveals. The ex-NLZ boss probably saw the potential of Sivaci.

The striker now cuts hair regularly: “I have a small customer base. Whoever wants can come to me. A haircut costs 15 euros. I earn a little pocket money on the side. It’s fun, it’s a hobby, but I don’t want to do it all for life. ”He taught himself everything. But he only comes to the store when he has customers.

That could be anything: “Everyone, including fans, can write to me or call the store and make an appointment with me.”


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