Schalke comment: Long live royal blue!

Hope dies last – is it[calledButlet’sbehonest:SchalkehaslongsincediedEvenmousedead!

Even the victory over Augsburg was nothing more than a silver lining in the deep dark sky over the former giant.

Theoretically, there is still a tiny chance to the rescue. But should it actually take hold, it would definitely be worth an entry in the history books. As the 8th wonder of the world!

Those responsible are therefore well advisedto stop chasing castles in the air. But already now – realistically and down to earth – to push ahead with the rebuilding in the 2nd division.

That will be difficult enough anyway, also in view of the high mountains of debt. Nevertheless, he offers the opportunity to get rid of expensive legacy problems and to put the club back on a solid footing.

Sports director Peter Knäbel knows exactly what he got himself into. The ascent will not be a sure-fire success. It is all the more important that his decisions are well thought out and appropriate.

His advantage: Schalke have nothing more to lose. Can only be re-ventilated from now on. Royal blue is dead – long live royal blue.


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