Schalke 04: The dramatic crash of Suat Serdar

Feels like he’s the biggest relegation at Schalke!

National player Suat Serdar (24) once made the debt club (€ 217 million lousy) dream of an era of success or a high transfer fee.

Now he has delivered a nightmare season and stands like no other for the deep fall of the Schalke stars …

Market value and EM ticket scrapped: the Serdar crash!

► Only one goal (the 1-0 winner against Augsburg) and two assists in 24 league games are a disastrous result. For comparison: In the preseason Serdar was Schalke’s top scorer with seven goals in 20 games.

No wonder that its market value at fell within one year (March 2020 to March 2021) from 25 to 11 million euros.

► Fatal, as Serdar blundered in the 0: 4 debacle in Freiburg in front of national coach Joachim Löw (61) and caused the 0: 3. The third of his ball losses that resulted in a goal this season. Maximum value on Schalke!

After Löw had not nominated him for the World Cup qualifiers against Iceland (3-0), in Romania (1-0) and against North Macedonia (1-2) in March, Serdar is likely to play for the European Championship (June 11th to July 11th ) only experience on TV.

The Serdar crash – a career kink that will cost Schalke a lot of money in the upcoming summer divorce.

► He does not want to go to the 2nd league, declared in SPORT BILD confidently: “In the long term, I want to play in the Champions League as permanently as possible and win titles.”

► Sports director Peter Knäbel (54) has to sell him a year before the end of the contract in 2022 in order to collect a transfer fee.

But it is almost impossible that Schalke will take back at least the 11 million euros that ex-manager Christian Heidel (57) transferred to Mainz in 2018. In Corona times, around 5 million euros plus success bonuses seem more realistic.

Even the Serdar farewell is all about damage limitation!


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