SC Freiburg: Grade 1 for Freiburg’s cup hero Sallai!

Semi-finals for the second time and the dream of the final in Berlin is alive! Freiburg beat VfL Bochum 2-1 thanks to a last-minute goal from Sallai, which Streich came on after 70 minutes. The individual review!


STAINS: Confident appearance from Freiburg’s number 1. He was powerless when conceding a goal. Note 3


LIENHART: Arrived late on Rexhbecaj’s cross, allowing Polter to head in unchallenged. grade 4

KUBLER: Ruled his side, allowing little. At 1:1 he was not assigned. Note 3

N SCHLOTTERBECK: Won 83 percent of his tackles. Headed all dangerous balls out of the penalty area and also got involved in the offensive game. grade 2

GUNTER: First volley on goal. His flanks rarely found their own man. Note 3


M.EGGESTEIN: Again ball distributor in midfield, in the offensive game rather inconspicuous. Note 3

HOFLER: Worked a lot and came mostly in the second half. 70 percent of the 46 passes he played were successful. Note 3

GRIFO: Hesitated too long in the 27th minute. Couldn’t set so many accents this time. grade 4

WHAT A SHAME: Good ideas, but sometimes wanted to bang my head against the wall. Was indirectly involved in management after graduating. Note 3


JEONG: Ran a lot, but had no degree and was often in a hurry. 67 percent of his passports arrived. grade 4

PETERSEN: Scored to make it 1-0. Previously, he acted unluckily too hastily after 37 minutes, with his experience he has to keep calm. grade 2


SALLAI (from 72.): Remained cool in the 120th (!) minute and shoved the ball into Riemann’s goal to make it 2-1 – it was also his only shot on goal. 70 percent pass rate. Note 1

DEMIROVIC (from 72nd): Had good ideas, had two shots on goal. But at the end it was too hasty. grade 4

HÖLER (from 72.): A shot assist. The striker played with commitment as always, but he still needs to improve in front of goal. Note 3

WHITE HEAD (from 81.): The youngster came on for Schade and was in the game straight away – just like on Saturday against Hertha. Immediately switched to the offensive game with a lot of speed. Note 3

GULDE (from 120.): No grade


PRANK: Substituted the win again for Sallai. With Weißhaupt he showed courage that was rewarded. His team is working football again, fighting. Something the coach had complained about three weeks ago. grade 2


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