SBI tweeted the information, told how to block the card in case of loss or damage of the debit card

Nowadays there will be no one who does not have a debit card. When and where money is needed, it is also necessary to keep the debit card with you at all times. But there is nothing that cannot be harmed or lost somewhere. That’s why vigilance is always necessary. This is more important in the case of debit cards. India’s largest bank SBI State Bank of India (SBI) always keeps alerting its customers about this. SBI says that if the debit card is lost somewhere, then inform it immediately on the customer care number so that this card is blocked immediately. No need to go to bank for this.

SBI suggests these methods to block the card
call on 1800 112 211 or 1800 425 3800 from your registered mobile number.
0 button when prompted Press to.
SBI suggests two options to block the debit card. The card is blocked by pressing 1 button from the first registered mobile number and debit card number. The card is blocked by pressing 2 buttons with the second registered mobile number and account number. 
If the first option is selected, then the last five digits of your debit card will have to be entered in the mobile. After this, pressing 1 button will ask you to confirm it. Under the second option, the last five digits of the account number have to be entered and to confirm, 1 button will have to be pressed.   


How to reapply for the card
After calling the toll free number, 1 has to be pressed. 
To get a new card will ask for the date of birth which has to be entered.
After this, it has to be confirmed by pressing 1. 
After confirming, a confirmation message will be received from the bank. In this way, after a few days a new card will come to your address. 

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