Savers looking for the anti-inflation formula

DECRYPTION – The surge in prices raises fears of an erosion of the savings cushion. Solutions are emerging to withstand the shock.

It is an explosive cocktail for French savings. In addition to the inflationary surge linked to Covid, there was the din of war and its immediate impact on soaring energy costs. Something to feed the concerns. “Customers call us, says Guillaume Eyssette at the head of the Gefinéo firm. Some wonder whether to buy gold ; others, what to do with their funds in euros, whose returns can no longer cover inflation.”

In recent days, with the surge in prices at the pump, the phenomenon has become very concrete. “Savers have been hearing about inflation for months, but since seeing it on their gas bill, it’s become really tangible.”continues Guillaume Eyssette.

It is well known that the rise in the cost of living – + 3.6% in February over one year according to INSEE – is a poison for savings. When prices soar, economies melt. Those who have placed their woolen stockings on accounts that do not bring in anything…

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