Sanofi divests several non-prescription drugs

“Sanofi is streamlining its Consumer Healthcare portfolio in Europe and is selling 16 of its brands to Stada,” the laboratory said in a press release.

The French giant Sanofi has sold about fifteen non-prescription treatments to the German Stada, he announced on Monday, an operation characteristic of the refocusing of certain large pharmaceutical players towards more financially advantageous products.

The group assured that the sale of these treatments would have no effect on their availability for customers and, internally, that it would not result in staff reductions. The “general public health“Mainly refers to drugs available without a prescription. Among the treatments sold by Sanofi are, for example, Mitosyl ointment and the anti-wrinkle Viscontour.

Sanofi streamlines its Consumer Healthcare portfolio in Europe and sells 16 of its brands to Stada“, Underlined the laboratory in a press release, without giving the amount of the operation. This type of product usually generates limited profits and several large pharmaceutical groups have turned away, more or less drastically, in recent years.

Portfolio simplification

The Swiss company Novartis thus sold its stakes in the sector in 2018. He did it to the British GSK which, for its part, extends more and more in the general public health. As for Sanofi, non-prescription drugs represent a tenth of its revenues – a share that is declining year after year – and the group has also considered a sale a few years ago. But he did not go that far and will ultimately be content to transform this division into an autonomous entity within the group.

Simplifying the Consumer Healthcare product portfolio is an important aspect of our strategy to focus our resources and efforts where we can deliver the most value, especially for consumers.“Assured Monday Julie Van Ongeballe, head of the sector at Sanofi, quoted in the press release.


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