Rot-Weiss Erfurt: sticking point premiums! Contract poker for Elezi

Oberligst Rot-Weiss Erfurt runs from victory to victory and promotion. In the background, sports director Franz Gerber (68) is working on the team for the regional league.

One thing is clear: the RWE professionals also want to benefit financially from the promotion and earn more. But the budget doesn’t allow for big leaps. Gerber: “We want to take all the players to the regional league. But I don’t know whether they want to do that themselves.”

Personnel Fatlum Elezi (23) is at the top of Gerber’s list. He came to Thuringia from TeBe Berlin a year ago, actually wants to stay, but cannot live on a premier league salary.

“I’m getting married in the summer. At the moment I’m saving money because the three of us live in a flat share,” says Elezi. “But I want to live with my wife, so we need our own apartment.”

Elezi’s advisor is ex-Bundesliga star Ivan Klasnic (42) – and he is negotiating with Gerber. You know each other well. Klasnic played together with Erfurt coach Fabian Gerber (42) at St. Pauli. According to BILD information, the sticking point in contract poker is mainly the bonuses.

However: Even with striker Artur Mergel (24), ex-president Frank Nowak jumped in from the outside as a sponsor.

Perhaps in the case of the Elezi family, an external sponsor will take heart…


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