Rising inflation, don’t make fun of festivals, everything is getting expensive

Price Rise Pinch : Now people have started saying the same thing, Hi dearness! There was a fire in the prices of Petrol Diesel and Cooking Gas, the prices of CNG-PNG have also started increasing. From vegetable oil to pulses, it has become expensive. Now vegetables and fruits are also getting expensive. In such a situation, people are worried right here that this Diwali should not drive out the people due to this inflation.

Inflation will haunt Diwali Chhath

The festivals of Dhanteras, Diwali and Chhath are about to knock. The consumption of everything increases in these festivals. And this time too the demand is expected to increase in the festive season. On the other hand, the prices of fruits and vegetables have started increasing due to unseasonal rains, so it is believed that the prices of these Teej may increase further during inflation. So due to expensive petrol-diesel, and CNG, freight has become expensive in the same way. Due to which the rise in inflation is believed to be certain. In the month of September, the inflation rate may have been lower than the previous few months, but it is expected to increase further in October.

fuel will be more expensive

Only in the month of October, petrol has become costlier by Rs 5.60 and diesel by Rs 6.10 per liter. In the month of October itself, CNG has become costlier by Rs 4.56 per kg and PNG by Rs 4.20 per unit. There is a possibility of further increase in the prices of all these petroleum products because while crude oil can become more expensive, the prices of natural gas are also increasing.

Fruits and vegetables are expensive due to rain

According to economic experts, the retail inflation rate in October will be higher than 4.35 percent in September. According to him, almost all areas can see an increase in prices on a month to month basis. In fact, there has been a rise in the prices of vegetables in the month of October as compared to September. Behind this, in many areas of the country, the crop damaged due to heavy rains compared to last year is believed to be responsible. At the same time, due to the increased cost of transport due to high petrol and diesel prices, the level of prices is also increasing.

No relief even in edible oil

Mustard oil has crossed Rs 200 per kg. The efforts of the government to tighten the noose on the prices of edible oil are also proving to be insufficient. The government had recently reduced the import duty on edible oils, but the price of edible oil is not taking its name. According to an estimate, more than 54 percent of the total consumption of edible oils in the country is imported. At present, its prices have increased due to increasing consumption around the world. Compared to last year, cooking oil has become costlier by more than 60 percent. In the month of September alone, edible oil has become costlier by 30 percent. With the advent of festive season and wedding season in the coming months, the price is expected to increase further due to increase in demand. In such a situation, the hope of relief from inflation is very less.

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