Rise in fuel prices: “yellow vests” are trying to revive the mobilization

Several gatherings are planned this Saturday, on roundabouts and in the streets of some cities.

From “yellow vestsAre ready to return to the roundabouts. For several days, calls for mobilization have multiplied in Facebook groups dedicated to the movement, which are regaining strength. Thus, according to a list circulating on these pages, rallies are planned this Saturday on 106 roundabouts across France. Demonstrations are also planned in several cities, including four declared in Paris. The police are expecting around 40,000 people there.

This renewed mobilization takes place almost three years to the day after the emergence of the movement of “yellow vestsIn the fall of 2018. The trigger is also the same: the rise in fuel prices. During the first week of October 2021, diesel notably reached an all-time high of 1.5354 euros per liter on average in France. Over the same period, the Sans-Plomb 98 for its part reached a level of 1.6332 euros per liter, a level close to the last highest dating from 2012.

The attentive government

Ingrid Levavasseur, figure of the beginnings of the movement of “yellow vests»And now municipal councilor in Louviers (Eure), announced that she would be on the roundabouts again this weekend. “We have a real awakening [du mouvement] especially this week, it’s pretty explosive“, She indicated this Friday at the microphone of RMC. “We realize that it gets a little annoyed, it gets annoyed: the price of gasoline is again the last straw, like three years ago», She believes. Other figures of the protest movement, such as Maxime Nicolle, Jacline Mouraud or Jérôme Rodriguez have also called to resume the path of roundabouts this weekend.

Over the past three years, the movement of “yellow vestsHad gradually run out of steam before being added occasionally to other protest movements. “Yellow vests” were notably seen in the processions of opposition to the pension reform during the winter of 2019, then in the demonstrations against the health pass in the summer of 2021. Should we expect a movement of a magnitude comparable to that of 2018? Magali Della Sudda, CNRS researcher and coordinator of a national research project on the movement of “yellow vests», Tempers in the columns of the Dauphiné released : “Facebook’s algorithms and politics have changed so information is harder to get. The media did not seize this movement with the same intensity as in October 2018, so there are certain elements that are not present for the mobilization to have the same scale as three years ago.

The increasing pressure on the purchasing power of the French, however, remains closely watched by the executive. In recent weeks, it is also the prices of gas and electricity that have reached new heights, pushing the government to take measures to prevent the emergence of a social movement comparable to that of “yellow vests“. Regarding fuel prices, the executive rejects at this stage any tax relief measure but does not close the door to an aid mechanism. “If these increases continue (…), we will consider protective measures as we did for gas and electricity“, Thus indicated the spokesman of the government Gabriel Attal, last Wednesday. The Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili, for her part, called on distributors to “make a gestureBy giving up part of their margins.


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