Riots after Derby: Saarbrücken chaots attack the police!

Not only Saarbrücken’s players, but also the fans did not give a good picture about the 1: 2 derby defeat in Kaiserslautern!

Around 400 fans said goodbye to the Saarbrücker team bus (was escorted by several police cars) when it was leaving for Kaiserslautern, some set fire to firecrackers and Bengalos and blocked Camphauser Strasse at Saarbrücker’s Ludwigspark.

And that now has consequences!

The emergency services on site made videos of the scenery, after which numerous proceedings were initiated due to violations of the Weapons and Explosives Act and the Corona Ordinance. The mood remained peaceful – which changed after the defeat in the evening at Saarbrücken’s St. Johanner Markt …

Around midnight, around 500 people celebrated in Saarbrücken city center, and according to the police, a group of around 30 to 40 who can be identified as FCS fans stood out negatively.

An official: “The group excelled itself loudly against the emergency services on site with insults and bottle-throwing.”

Alexander Zeyer, spokesman for the state government: “We condemn the incidents in the vicinity of the St. Johann market in Saarbrücken in the strongest possible terms. We do not tolerate violence or insults of any kind against our emergency services or the police. The incidents, which originated mainly from the scene of violent football fans and corona deniers, will be punished accordingly. “


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