Riesen-Bock by referee Stieler – Stevens completely stunned on TV!

The scandalous penalty that cost Schalke victory in Bremen.

Schalke’s trainer legend Huub Stevens (67) was stunned in “Super 2 – the cult league” on BILD-TV even the day after the wrong decision.

Stevens: “Look at the pictures! Nobody needs to have a different opinion. I don’t understand how people who still have the chance to look at the pictures have a different opinion. It’s a joke decision. “

The tragic 94th minute for Schalke: After a Bremen cross, there is a duel between Schalke’s Henning Matriciani and Werder’s Roger Assalé in the penalty area. Matriciani takes a long lunge, Assalé goes down. Even though he is not touched!

Fifa referee Tobias Stieler (40) decides according to the scene (!) With the video referee on penalty. Insanity! The wrong decision is even more blatant because Assalé had previously jumped the ball onto his arm. Twice wrong!

Werder’s Füllkrug converts to 1: 1. Schalke loses the all-important victory after a Terodde leadership.


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