Regensburg – Rostock 5: 7 nE – Hansa wins crazy foggy crime thriller

What an incredible foggy thriller!

The second division cup duel between Regensburg and Rostock – Hansa was already leading 2-0, was 2: 3 behind in extra time, and saved himself from penalties at the last second.


Because Hansa goalkeeper Markus Kolke had two penalties, Regensburg’s Alexander Meyer none.

Sequentially. Hansa trainer Jens Härtel rotates as announced. Adjusts six times compared to the St. Pauli bankruptcy (0: 4) (Meißner, Neidhart, Meier, Behrens, Omladic out, Malone, Riedel, Rizzuto, Rhein, Bahn, Mamba in). Regensburg spares three regular employees (Albers, Boukhalfa, Elvedi).

First signs of life: Verhoek sends Schumacher, who hesitates too long in the penalty area (5th). Then Mamba tries, whose (deflected) shot is missed by Verhoek and Schumacher. The next corner from the left comes through to Julian Riedel, who is lurking at the right post, pushing the thing in from close range (9th)!

Riedel, of all people: The longest-serving Hansa kicker (since 2017) has lost his regular place and was only once in the starting line-up in the league. He is there thanks to Härtel’s cup rotation – and thanks!

Then Hansa initially withdraws and lets the second in the league come: Makridis’ hammer from 20 meters fingers Kolke over the bar (20th). Six minutes later, Saller wobbles the Rostock defense, but fails on Malone’s left thigh.

After the change, Rostock strikes again in the increasingly thick fog: After a fine train pass, Mamba is alone in front of the box, Meyer tunnels to 0: 2 (56th). The second reservist to become the rotation winner.

The decision? Not for a long time. Regensburg presses on the connection. First of all, Bayern loan Singh just forgot (62nd), then he did it cheekily with the hoe – only 1: 2 (71st).

Extreme conditions prevailed in Regensburg due to the fogPhoto: Matthias Balk / dpa

And Hansa suddenly wobbles! Beste emerges from the fog in front of Kolke, but shoots over it from 6 meters (75th), later at the post (82nd). Regensburg puts insane constant pressure, Hansa is in his own half, throwing himself into every ball. But in the 90th minute someone slips after a corner: Zwarts still equalizes – extension, how bitter!

But it gets even worse: Corner from the right, Breitkreuz screws up, heads straight into the Hansa heart (101st)! And Hansa? Actually balances out at the very last second with Breier. Crazy!

In the penalty shootout, Regensburgs Albers and Guwara, while Bahn, Malone, Behrens and Breier transform for Rostock. EIGHTH FINALS!


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