Reed Hastings, Bigger Than Hollywood Boss

PORTRAIT – At the head of Netflix, he was able to give the “head” of an original strategy that allows his company to chain success. His speciality? Identify unknown series in foreign languages, rework them, then offer them simultaneously to a global audience.

He’s not racing to go to space. Nor is he summoned to the US Senate to answer for the decline of democracy. Finally, we could almost forget that Reed Hastings is part of this great family of the big bosses of Silicon Valley. Yet, in the past decade, its streaming video-on-demand platform has changed our relationship to television and film with the same magnitude that Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have changed the way we communicate and learn. In its wake, all the other entertainment giants have followed suit: Disney with Disney +, Amazon with its Prime, Apple with Apple TV + and soon HBO, which arrives in Europe with its Max offer at the end of October.

Today the latest Netflix series Squid Game hit the headlines all over the world. Children put themselves in danger by replicating certain scenes in the schoolyard; the characters’ costumes are

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