Reaction to coach ruffle: Prussia’s Holtby shows his teeth

Münster’s regional league kicker in the final of the association cup (May 29) – the reward for a strong semi-final appearance at the higher-class SC Verl (3-0). One eagle bearer was particularly satisfied with himself and the world after the final whistle …

Reaction to trainer complaints. Prussia’s Holtby shows its teeth!

Joshua Holtby (24) was also a little surprising in the starting line-up after he had caught a verbal wad from head coach Sascha Hildmann (49) on Saturday before in the unnecessary Wegberg 1: 2. In addition, due to lack of tough tackle, he was replaced early (54th).

“That made me extremely frustrated,” the fine technician openly admits in retrospect, “that day almost nothing went right for me either.” Against Verl on the other hand. In a one-on-one conversation at the beginning of the week, Hildmann had put him back on track. Holtby: “An important and intensive exchange. The trainer made it clear to me once again what I can do and what he expects from me. “

But above all, he gave him a new chance in the cup. And Holtby, who had to do hard work in midfield together with Nicolai Remberg (21) and Dennis Daube (31), consistently used it in the Verler Sportclub Arena. “I really wanted to prove it to myself and our coach,” he beamed after the game, “I think it worked out quite well.”

Hildmann also saw it this way: “Joshua accepted my criticism and implemented it excellently. I know what qualities he has. “In addition, there is his great ambition. The exhausting game in Verl was hardly over when he had the next goal in mind. Holtby confidently:” Now I want my first title, too, with Prussia this one Get the pot. I’m really up for it. ” Like all Münster residents …

After a one-to-one conversation with Prussia coach Sascha Hildmann, Joshua Holtby is back on trackPhoto: Revierfoto

Interesting: Since the Hildmann troupe as the best Westphalian fourth division team is already set for the lucrative first main round in the DFB Cup, the sports fans Lotte – as the final opponent in the association cup – can look forward to their qualification and about 140,000 euros in initial coal. Even in the event of bankruptcy in the final, which will also be played and broadcast live as part of the nationwide “Amateurs Day” in Verl.

Before that, however, the difficult away game for the Prussians on Saturday (May 22nd) at the second representation of Bundesliga club Mönchengladbach is on the agenda (2 p.m. / Rheydt Stadium). Hildmann does not believe that his boys’ legs could be too heavy for that after the intensive cup work. Confidently says: “You have two days to regenerate, you can manage it.”

Especially since they still have a score to deal with with “little Borussia”. They had their first home defeat in the first half of the season with 1: 2 on December 5th. Time for that to turn …


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