RBI has given big information, you also transfer money online, then be alert, otherwise…!

Reserve Bank of India: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has asked people not to share confidential banking information like OTP and CVV with anyone in view of the increasing cases of digital frauds in recent years. RBI has given information about this while releasing a booklet on banking frauds on Monday.

fraudsters taking away hard earned money
RBI said that fraudsters are trying new ways to take away the hard earned money of common people. So people need to be very careful. According to this, newcomers who become part of the fintech ecosystem are quick to fall prey to this fraud.

Do not share OTP and CVV
The Reserve Bank’s booklet gives details of the methods used for financial frauds as well as suggested ways to avoid them. According to this, people should never share OTP and CVV information with anyone during financial transactions.

People can fall prey to fraud
In this booklet prepared on the basis of analysis of fraud complaints, the central bank has said that people are easily vulnerable to financial fraud by knowingly or unknowingly giving confidential information during their transactions.

Do not share details
To avoid this, it is necessary that people have been suggested not to share the CVV of their bank card or OTP issued at the time of digital transaction to anyone, even to their family members or friends.

people should be alert
According to the Reserve Bank, bank officials, financial institutions, RBI or other bodies never ask for confidential information from their customers and if someone does so then people should be alert.

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