Railway has made new rules regarding traveling at night, now action will be taken on doing so

Railway Rules: While traveling in the train at night, it often becomes difficult for the passengers when someone in the coach plays loud music on the mobile, talks loudly on the phone or keeps the lights on even after 10 o’clock in the night. However, now railway passengers will not have to face such problems. In order to make train travel more comfortable and enjoyable at night, the Railway Board has given directions to all the zonal railways.

According to media reports, railways were getting many such complaints but there was no rule regarding this. Now the Railways has taken a big decision for the convenience of the passengers. Railways have decided that immediate action will be taken on receipt of any such complaint. Action will be taken against those who break the rules and the accountability of the train staff can also be fixed.

After 10 pm, the railways have given these guidelines:-

  • No passenger will talk on the phone or listen to loud music in such a loud voice, that fellow passengers may get upset.
  • All lights except the night lamp will have to be switched off at night.
  • Passengers running in groups will no longer be able to talk in the train till late at night. Action can be taken on the complaint of co-traveller.
  • Checking staff like TTE, RPF personnel, electrician, catering staff and maintenance staff will do their work peacefully at night so that people do not get disturbed.
  • Railway employees will provide immediate help to the elderly, disabled and unmarried women above 60 years of age.

According to the report, the Railways also launched a special drive, in which the onboard railway staff advised passengers to follow etiquette, avoid listening to music without earphones or talking loudly on the phone.

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