Quynh Anh: ‘I don’t dare to eat pepper even though I’m an Asian supermodel’

Quynh Anh cooks for herself, wears old clothes, and saves her living expenses while staying in Singapore as a model after winning at SupermodelMe.

– As the first Vietnamese model to win the first prize in the Asian Super Model contest, how do you feel?

– I am proud to finally be able to bring the image of Vietnamese models to a new position. My victory is a testament to the fruit of my efforts.

Before that, I didn’t have much time to prepare for the competition. Designer Truong Thanh Long helped me prepare many clothes and accessories to carry, in addition to those of the organizers and sponsors. The most important thing is to prepare a good mind to face all challenges, because international competitions face language and cultural barriers.

– Competing with strong opponents from other countries, what do you think will help you win?

– This year’s contestants all have great skills, experience and ambition, but that doesn’t mean I lose confidence. The experience at The Face 2018 was effectively applied by me to the SupermodelMe contest. I realized that no matter what competition, the most important thing is to stay calm to handle situations. Fortunately, my English and physical strength are also good, so I adapt quickly and feel excited. I am an independent person, very easy to integrate, so it does not take much time to start living in a shared house.

Ms. Vo Hoang Yen used to help me train a steel spirit, enduring endurance and many acting and posing skills at The Face. She always talks proud of me, makes me correct myself every day so as not to disappoint the teacher.

Model Quynh Anh in the photo challenge “Fairy in the forest” in episode 8. Photo: SMM

– What reward do you get from the championship title?

– I do not accept cash, my reward is a car, a magazine cover and a three-year contract with a modeling agency. The program was filmed and rebroadcast, in fact, I finished my exam and worked in Singapore for a few months. After the competition, I was almost proletarian, did not dare to eat pepper. To earn money to cover my life, I went to casting a lot but didn’t get a job. Gradually, I also had a show to shoot catalogs or lookbooks, magazines, although very little, and advertising too. Because of the large number of models here, the competition is fierce. On average, I have about one or two photo sessions per week.

Singapore is a country with a high quality of life, my income is only temporary. I was under a lot of pressure, fortunately I had friends in the contest to help me, so it wasn’t too difficult. I am renting a small apartment, living alone. The cost of living is expensive, so I go to the supermarket once a week to buy food to cook to save money. Clothes, shoes… I only buy when really serving for work. I put on my clothes again in my luggage when I flew here.

Quynh Anh swims and exercises near where she lives when her schedule is empty.  Photo: Facebook Quynh Anh

Quynh Anh swims and exercises near where she lives when her schedule is empty. Photo: Facebook Quynh Anh

– What did you learn from the competition?

– Going through the difficult challenges of SupermodelMe, I am no longer afraid of any photo shoot or video recording. Above all, I feel more mature when I manage the competition and develop my career in Singapore alone. From a fledgling 19-year-old girl at The Face, now I’m 21 years old, know how to fit in, be bolder.

The judges Catriona, Cindy, Yu Tsai… are all people I admire but have only seen on TV before. I never thought it would be possible to work or talk to them at such close range. It was the best experience in my life as a young model like me.

– What are your plans for the future?

– Currently, the epidemic situation in the country has not yet allowed the model world to be active again. So I’m here for a while to see what can be done. If commercial flights open next year, I want to go back to Hanoi to visit my family, because we haven’t seen each other for almost a year.

Like other models, I dream of conquering the fashion catwalks in Paris, London, New York or Milan. I know my height is a disadvantage, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. I also hope that after working hard, I can open a restaurant when I return home.

Quynh Anh in episode 9 of SupermodelMe 2021

Quynh Anh in episode 9 of SupermodelMe 2021. Video: SMM

Quynh Anh was born in 1999, 1.71 m tall, known when she became the runner-up of The Face 2018. To film for SupermodelMe (Asian supermodel), Quynh Anh flew to Singapore in May. Currently she signed a contract. with a management company here.

The reality TV contest SupermodelMe was born in 2009 but is not held annually. The sixth season was filmed in the midst of the epidemic in Singapore in June, including 12 models from Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Thai supermodel Cindy Bishop holds the position of host, the jury includes Yu Tsai, model Hanli Hoefer, Miss Catriona Gray. This year’s season is geared towards the “SupermodelMe Revolution” theme, conveying the message of women’s empowerment.

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