Quoc Co: ‘Unity helped me and Quoc Nghiep set a world record’

SpainIn the 53s, the first husband set a Guinness record, sometimes when Quoc Nghiep shook violently, Quoc Co tried to stay steady and keep his balance.

Brothers “circus prince” Quoc Co – Quoc Nghiep performed the first husband to walk 100 steps at Girona Cathedral, completing the request of Guinness World Records in 53 seconds. Currently, both of them participate in cultural exchange performances until the beginning of January 2022.

Circus artist Quoc Co – Quoc Nghiep gives an interview VnExpress after setting a Guinness World Record. Video: Thanh Dang – Hoang Dung

How do you two feel after setting a new Guinness record?

Quoc Nghiep: I feel lightheaded because the past few days have been very stressful and haunting when Co and I had to practice under very cold weather. Every day the two brothers walked more than two kilometers from the hotel to the Cathedral to practice. Now we don’t have to go back there anymore because we have already set a new Guinness record (laughs).

Quoc Co: The fact that Quoc Nghiep and I walked 100 stairs in 53 seconds was like a dream.

Quoc Co - Quoc Nghiep stood on the 100th step in setting a new Guinness record in Spain on December 23.  Photo: Hai Vu Nguyen

Quoc Co – Quoc Nghiep stood on the 100th step in setting a new Guinness record on December 23, in Spain. Photo: Hai Vu Nguyen

How is the feeling this time different from the first time you two set a world record in 2017?

Quoc Nghiep: We worry a lot more than 5 years ago because we didn’t practice together during the pandemic months. Both have just over a week to exercise. In the circus field, if we don’t practice together for a long time, the feeling of balance returns to zero. The first day we went to Spain for a trial performance, we only walked 60 steps and wondered if it would be complete. meet the requirements of the Guinness World Organization.

The second time, both tried and only went 70 steps. Mr. Co takes care of his health and I worry about his spirit. On the third day we walked 90 steps, on the fourth day we came back to practice only 60 steps and Co couldn’t hold me. Both were extremely confused but did not argue, avoid hooking, encouraging each other to do it.

– What pressure did you two face with the performance?

Quoc Nghiep: I think it was time because we had to climb 100 steps in no more than a minute, and the first time we did 60 steps it took almost a minute. With every big competition or program, Co and I both face pressure, but both of us suppressed and didn’t say it to create strength and focused on the competition. When performing, I have no thoughts in my head. But the night before the record-setting day, the two brothers thought a lot because they couldn’t sleep, worried whether they could do it, whether the organizers would let it do it again or not if they failed. In the end, we don’t let the negative things stay in our heads and tell ourselves we will do well, succeed and win.

Quoc Co: I don’t know if Karma is strong enough to do it because when she is on top of her head, there are times when she shakes so much that I will fall. I thought how to try to keep balance, not let Quoc Nghiep fall.

When performing, how do you two communicate and coordinate well?

Quoc Co: I am the person below who has the task of adjusting the Quoc Nghiep that is overlapping the top. When climbing the stairs, I kept telling my brother to lean forward, backward, right and left to keep his balance. Fortunately, we both understand each other very well, so we work well together.

– What incident made the two of you think of giving up during the last practice session?

Quoc Co: I have severe muscle spasms. The second day of training in Spain, I stepped up to the 90th month and couldn’t take another step. Quoc Nghiep told me to step back 30 steps and advance 30 steps in a row to keep fit. However, the second time I did it, it felt like the blood vessels wanted to burst, unable to circulate in the legs. I am very afraid that if the blood vessels burst, this journey will no longer make sense.

– Before the idea that the first husband performance of the two of you is nothing new, because it has been performed for many years, causing boredom, what do you two think?

Quoc Nghiep: Maybe people watching a lot find it boring, but my brother and I have been doing this show for more than 20 years. A society cannot be perfect, some people love us, others love us less. But above all, pride with international friends about the strength of effort and perseverance. We love our profession and the circus. If we can’t get married anymore, it’s a pity for us. I hope someday when the performance is over, I will support everyone to try the first overlap to see that it is not easy to do it.

Quoc Co was born in 1984, was awarded the title of Distinguished Artist at the age of 28.  Quoc Nghiep was born in 1989, received the title of Distinguished Artist at the age of 26.

Quoc Co was born in 1984, was awarded the title of Distinguished Artist at the age of 28. Quoc Nghiep was born in 1989, received the title of Distinguished Artist at the age of 26. In August, the couple was nominated for the title of People’s Artist.

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