Quach Phu Thanh’s wife was praised for her ‘two-child girl’ physique

Model Phuong Vien, wife of actor Quach Phu Thanh, was praised by the audience for her “doll-like” beauty.

On her personal page on September 22, the 35-year-old beauty posted a series of princess dresses, attracting the attention of fans. Many people commented that she did not change much compared to before marriage, asked the model the secret to keeping her beauty and figure.

Phuong Vien wears a see-through dress. Image: Weibo/Moka

Phuong Vien said that after giving birth to two children, no matter how tired or busy she was, she persisted in taking care of her skin to slow down the aging process. The model’s skin is combination, dry in winter and oily in summer, so she chooses products that are not greasy or irritating. Phuong Vien believes that choosing a skin care product should consider whether the cream is suitable for you or not, use up a bottle to buy again, avoid buying many at once, easy to waste.

The model revealed that her daughters go to kindergarten, now she has a lot of time to go to the gym and get in shape. Phuong Vien applies abdominal exercises, reducing arm fat, increasing the size of the butt…

Phuong Vien works out at the gym

Phuong Vien physical training. Video: Weibo/Moka

Currently, Phuong Vien works as a fashion blogger, often making makeup, skin care, and gym tutorial videos. Phuong Vien also runs a fashion company. Above Graziathe beauty said setting goals for herself to improve every year, she has plans to expand the company.

Quach Phu Thanh with his wife and children.  Photo: Toutiao

Quach Phu Thanh with his wife and children. Image: Toutiao

Phuong Vien used to work as a photo model and sell online. She married Quach Phu Thanh in 2017, since then often appear at entertainment events, take advertising photos, and appear on the covers of fashion magazines. Above AppledailyQuach Phu Thanh once said it was safe when his wife took care of the children and took care of the family. His wife and children motivate him to work. The happiest moment for Quach Phu Thanh is finishing work and going home to eat.

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