Puppies for giving: when the good deal is in fact a scam

INVESTIGATION – Falling for an adorable dog breed puppy can be expensive. Behind fraudulent advertisements hide crooks who extract money from their victims.

Two wall eyes, a pink nose speckled with black, floppy ears framing a head tilted to the side as if to be sure to soften her audience … The photo of Luna, a little 3 month old Australian Shepherd dog is enough to capsize anyone who poses eyes on her. And this is the objective of this photo sent to Facebook by a generous donor. The message that accompanies it is no less touching. “I inherited Luna from my mom who passed away a few weeks ago. Also the lack of time to devote to him between my daughter who is in the hospital following a car accident” are the “reasons why I prefer to give her to a reliable family who will take good care of her. Further on, it is specified: “Luna is priceless. However if: 200 euros, or the transport costs which will allow it to be transported from Bastia to its new owners.

A classic case of scam. Since at the end of the day, Luna does not exist …

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