President and football icon – Biden and Rapinoe for equal pay for women

The US soccer world champion and lesbian icon Megan Rapinoe accepted an invitation from US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden to Washington to work with her team colleague Margaret Purce (25) to promote equal pay for women and men .

Despite her many sporting successes, she was devalued and not respected, “because I’m a woman,” said Rapinoe on Wednesday. And: “I’m still paid less than men who do the same job.”

US President Biden emphasized that it was an honor for him and Jill Biden to speak to the soccer players. That would make them – the presidential couple – “heroes” in the eyes of their grandchildren, “no joke”Photo: JIM WATSON / AFP

Rapinoe and her partner, basketball player Sue Bird (40), are one of the most famous lesbian couples in the world.

Biden called for equal pay for women and men at the joint appearance on Wednesday at the White House, and he advocated more transparency in salaries in the private sector: “There is not a single thing a man can do that a woman cannot can do just as well or better, ”said the 78-year-old.

After winning the World Cup, Rapinoe and her teammates rejected Donald Trump’s invitation with clear words. That was completely different with his successor!

The Democrat Joe Biden had already supported the US world champions around superstar Rapinoe during the election campaign in their fight for equal pay as the men’s national team.

The then candidate wrote on Twitter in May of last year: “Same pay, now. Otherwise you can look elsewhere for World Cup funding when I’m president. ”

The first lady also reported on Wednesday about her experiences as a teacher, despite the same work, being paid less than her male colleagues.

Rapinoe had said at the 2019 World Cup: “I won’t go to the shitty White House.” During Trump’s tenure, the lesbian soccer player was a prominent critic of the Republican, accusing him of excluding minorities, among other things.

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