Premier League: Patrice Evra reckons with ex-club Manchester United

That gossip sat!

On Sunday, Tottenham dealt with Manchester United in their own stadium – 1: 6. The biggest defeat in history for the “Red Devils”. And an ex-star finds clear words.

United only takes the lead with a penalty (Bruno Fernandes / 2nd minute), but then catches six (!) Goals. The misery begins only two minutes after the 1-0 win: Ndombele (4th), Aurier (51st) and Heung-min Son (7th / 37th) and Harry Kane (30th / 79th, 911) each do two the humiliation perfect. The Theater of Dreams (nicknamed Old Trafford Stadium) becomes the Theater of Nightmares.

Particularly nasty: The director of the mega-gossip is United’s ex-trainer José Mourinho (57), now Tottenham coach.

United legend Patrice Evra (39) played for the club from 2006 to 2014 and is currently an expert at the English “Sky”. There he settled accounts with his ex-club after the game!

What is currently going on with the record champions is difficult for Evra to grasp: “What’s wrong with my club? It’s hard to break a man like me. I don’t want to advocate violence, but some people should take a heavy blow. “

He explains: “It’s the same story every year. I feel what all United fans feel. “

Evra: “That’s why I would like to end my contract with Sky. It’s my second game, I’m a positive person. I never wanted to talk about United because if you tell the truth it can hurt. And I love my club. ”

He wonders whether captain Harry Maguire (27) should not be removed from the team, but also says: “I don’t want to start criticizing players. Nobody has an excuse tonight. They let all United fans down and they don’t care about the reasons. ”

Evra’s expectations for the season: “None. I’m sad.”

It is also sad for coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (47): “He will be next. But what about the leadership? After Ferguson, every coach was fired. So this is the solution. We’re going to talk about ‘Ole is not the right man’. Maybe it isn’t, maybe it is. “

What he means: Sir Alex Ferguson (78) was the United coach from 1983 to 2013. Since he left the club, the coaches have changed relatively regularly: David Moyes, Ryan Giggs, Louis van Gaal, José Mourinho came and went. Solskjaer has been in office since December 2018.


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