Premier League: After bankruptcy against Tuchel – Mourinho snaps at TV reporter

That last question was one too many …

Bad mood at Tottenham coach José Mourinho (58) after the derby bankruptcy against Thomas Tuchel’s FC Chelsea (0: 1).

The Portuguese obviously had little desire to explain the third defeat in a row. And then TV reporter Alison Bender asked a question that didn’t suit him at all.

At first, the Spurs manager answered Bender’s questions rather patiently, but when she wanted to know at the end of the field interview why Mourinho had left ex-Real Madrid star Gareth Bale (31) on the bench for 90 minutes, it was over Patience from “The Special One”.

“That’s a good question, but you don’t deserve an answer,” Mourinho etched and left the scene with a grim expression.

The question was fully justified, as there would have been good reasons to send the Welsh striker onto the field. In the end, the Spurs fell behind. In addition, captain and top scorer Harry Kane was injured.

Bender received support from Spurs fans on social media. They too could not understand why Mourinho was leaving Bale out and would have liked an explanation.

Instead of giving a factual answer, the Spurs coach left a perplexed TV reporter. “I’m still a little baffled why he said that in the end,” wrote Bender on Twitter.


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