Power struggle in Mainz – NOW THE BOSSES SHAKE!

Mainz 05 after a false start, player strike and coach change. The weeks of chaos had no consequences on the executive floor. This could change soon!

On October 27th there is a general meeting with elections. The chairman of the board, Stefan Hofmann (57), is considered undisputed and has no opponent.

The situation is different with the supervisory board: According to BILD information, there are 18 applicants for eight places.

Power struggle in Mainz! Now the bosses are trembling!

Supervisory board boss Detlev Höhne (68) conducts in the background, wants to get rid of two colleagues and keep the rest of the team together. But that it goes according to his will is open. Many members consider the current supervisory board to be jointly responsible for the undesirable development.

It is complained that sports director Schröder got a contract extension until 2024 in February 2019, although he was already bound until 2022.

The board of directors is also accused of lacking football skills – except for ex-player Michael Schuhmacher (63), nobody is a specialist.

Mainz experienced in 2017 that a meeting can get out of hand.

At that time, the outsider Johannes Kaluza (65) was surprisingly elected instead of former board member Jürgen Doetz (76).

Incidentally, new supervisory boards could seek a return from Christian Heidel (57). Not only fans want the ex-manager back.


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