PMA for all: “I told myself that I was going to miss the boat”

” At last ! “ A 37-year-old single teacher, Pauline Milliot has been thinking for ten years of having a child by medically assisted procreation. His project will be able to materialize now that the implementing decrees extending the assisted reproduction to single women or homosexual couples have been published. “I always wanted to be a mother, but not necessarily to be in a relationship”, she explains. In his youth, sexual abuse took ” complicated “ its relationship to men, she explains.

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But France, until now, did not allow PMA to singles. Go abroad? She inquired. “The clinics offer you quotes, catalogs… I felt like I was buying an apartment. ” She resolves to wait. “But the longer the debates lasted, the more I told myself, given my age, that I was going to miss the boat. “

In July, the day after the law was passed by the deputies, Pauline Milliot had booked an appointment at the University Hospital of Angers. There, as in Nantes or Nancy, the teams have taken a little lead on the schedule, to absorb the new demands. Blood test, control of the proper functioning of the ovaries … Even before the entry into force of the law, the teacher has already carried out several preliminary examinations.

A clinical and psychological assessment

The following ? “Consult a Cecos (center for the study and conservation of human sperm and eggs) to find a donor; meet the clinicobiological teams, who examine the applicants’ files and motivations; meet psychologists ”, unrolls doctor Florence LesourdPontonnier whose service at the Toulouse University Hospital is also welcoming new requests.

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The decreesindicate that “Social workers” can be associated with these meetings, if necessary. Some women find this “Paternalistic” and “Intrusive”. Pauline Milliot considers the questioning legitimate. “I never wondered about the emotional capacity that I would have to raise a child on my own. On my material capacity, yes. “

For the medical teams concerned, the well-being of the child is “The primary objective, assures Florence LesourdPontooner. In what environment will he arrive? Who will be the resource persons? “ Any request will not be systematically validated.

Pauline thought about it for a long time. “Statutory, I am alone, but I am surrounded. By a brother, a brother-in-law. My child will have male figures near him. ” When asked if having a child alone is a selfish act, she hesitates: “A child is always born out of an adult desire. My parents got married, founded a so-called traditional home. Twenty years later, they divorced with a bang and made us suffer. We cannot predict what we will do to our children. Is this desire less selfish for two? I expect reproaches, questions. I will answer them. “

Waiting times in question

In detail, the texts provide for an age limit for insemination, 45 years for women, with no minimum age other than majority. The question, however, has been discussed among professionals. “What if a 19-year-old comes to see us?”Your example is a bit of a caricature, retorts Professor Thomas Fréour,In Nantes. SIf the case arose, it would be debated and possibly refuted if the collegial decision justified it. But the parental plans of unmarried women will be debated like the others. We will be vigilant that they are not judged morally in advance. “

No form of “Prioritization” cases (heterosexual versus gay, married versus single) docan be practiced, agree moreover the doctors.

Confident, Pauline apprehends only one pitfall: the deadlineswaiting. Nine to eighteen months today. The Minister of Solidarity and Health Olivier Véran wants to reduce them to six. “This will require strengthening the teams”,warns Florence Lesourd-Pontonnier. Pauline Milliot is not yet thinking of fitting out a child’s room.


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