Plane baffled: Ryanair boss believes Belarusian security officers were on board

“We believe that KGB agents were disembarked at the airport as well,” declared Irishman Michael O’Leary, who like his government denounces an act of piracy.

Belarusian security service (KGB) agents are suspected of being on the hijacked Ryanair plane by Belarusian authorities, who arrested an opponent on board, Irish airline boss Michael said on Monday. O’Leary.

Like the Irish government, Michael O’Leary denounced an act of “piracySupported by Belarus. “It appears that the authorities’ intention was to remove a journalist and the person traveling with him“, He explained on Irish radio Newstalk.

Very scary

We believe KGB agents were dropped off at the airport as well.“, He added, referring to an incident”very scary”For passengers and crew. “I think this is the first time this has happened to a European airline“. In the wake of this statement, the Lithuanian police added that five of the passengers on the flight had indeed never reached Lithuania, its destination, and would therefore have remained in Minsk.

Roman Protassevich, 26, former editor-in-chief of the influential Belarusian opposition media Nexta, was arrested on Sunday afternoon following the emergency landing at Minsk airport of the plane, in following a false bomb threat. In the early evening, the aircraft which linked Greece to Lithuania, a Baltic country member of the European Union, was able to resume its flight, without Mr. Protassevich.

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