Pilot Salary: The job of a pilot is a great earning opportunity with exciting work, know the salary estimate

Pilot Salary in India: Pilot job is the dream job of many people and it is exciting as well as very lucrative in terms of earning. Pilot salary is also very challenging as compared to other jobs and also full of dangers. However, for this, pilots get a chance to earn handsomely every month and annually. Know here how much the salary of pilots in the country can go for a month or annually.

average pilot salary
The average salary of a pilot in India is up to Rs 1,55,958 per month. According to the Glassdoor survey, different standards are used for the salary of a pilot, but an average experienced pilot can earn a salary of more than Rs 1 lakh month-wise. Apart from this, he also gets Rs 1,82,351 as additional pay.

average salary
The starting salary for fresher pilots starts from 3,38,309 per annum and after that the salary increases on the basis of experience.

From mid range to highest range of salary of pilots
Taking out the average salary for pilots, the average salary of Rs 47,517 per month to Rs 23,91,739 per month comes out.

Comparative income figures of different companies

Air India- Rs 1,62,876 per month
indigo- Rs 2,47,306 per month
SpiceJet-Rs 3,08,656 per month
Indian Air Force-Rs 1,19,964 per month
Indian government-Rs 26,05,156 per month

Highest and lowest salary of pilot in the country
If we look at the lowest and highest salary in the pilot’s salary, then the monthly salary of Rs 33,344 is less and the monthly salary of Rs 5,97,367 is the highest.

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