Picture of a commercial female pilot on Sulli Deals App, Noida Police registers FIR on complaint

Sulli Delas Case: These days an app named Sulli is in discussion on social media. Especially because the word Sulli is being used for the purpose of defaming Muslim women and by putting photos of Muslim women on this app, abusive words are written about them or their reputation is harmed by defaming them. In this case, now after Delhi Police, Noida Police has also registered an FIR, in which a commercial (female) pilot living in Noida has lodged a complaint.

A woman living in Ada Sector 52 had complained that objectionable comments were being made on social media by posting photos of women on the Sulli app. Apart from the complainant, photos of many other women have been put in that app. After which a case has been registered in Noida Sector 24, in which a case has been registered under sections of IPC and IT Act. Police is investigating the matter along with the technical team. Action will be taken against those who are involved.

When ABP News spoke to the complainant and wanted to talk to him on camera, he said that he is out of Delhi-NCR. are in another city. However, he expressed his ability to give his interview through video call on WhatsApp. The things that have come to light from the victim through a video call on WhatsApp are as follows.

The victim says that she is active on social media. Especially on Twitter. She is a commercial pilot and is not associated with any political party. Nor does she express any kind of political views on social media. Some time ago, he got information through a friend that an app called Sulli App is active on social media, which is targeting Muslim women. Among Muslim women also those women who are educated and working. When the victim opened that app, there was a picture of different girls in it. There was a picture of him too. Seeing this, he got very angry because the word sulli is used to insult Muslim women. How can anyone do this to a woman? The victim says that there are more than 80 such women in her contact, whose photos have been put on the Sully app. The person who is running this app has revealed his wrong identity.

Who could be the creator of this?

The victim said that those who do such shameful acts cannot belong to any religion, because no religion teaches to insult any woman. Whatever these people are, they are of narrow mindedness somewhere. Those who do not want to see educated Muslim women in this society or do not want that educated Muslim women can express their views on social media.

The victim says that when she came to know about this app, she also contacted the victim women. After which he came to know from his friend and some other women that photos of more than 200 women were put on this app. The victim complained about the matter to the Noida Police on 6 July. After which an FIR has been registered in this.

The victim says that more than 80 victim women, who are in contact with her, have also formed a WhatsApp group together. So that no one considers himself alone. Some of these women are from Delhi, some are from Noida, Mumbai and some are from NCR region. Some are also from Kolkata. Are from different parts of the country, apart from this 1 lives in Dubai. They say that our aim is only to teach a lesson to such anti-social elements. We expect the police to nab them at the earliest, so that women can feel safe.

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