Phi Thanh Van: ‘I’m less bragging’

Phi Thanh Van said that through two failed marriages, she attended courses in psychology, meditation, less boasting and anger.

In early December, Phi Thanh Van contracted Covid-19 and was isolated for treatment at home. After recovering from illness, the actor talked about her life.

How did you spend your time with Covid-19 and how did you recover?

– I got two shots of the Covid-19 vaccine, but when I tested positive, I was still very worried. I immediately reported to the local health facility and they assisted. I wear a vital indicator monitor, monitor the amount of oxygen in my body to promptly notify the doctor. Every day, I practice deep breathing to improve lung function. I eat a lot of green vegetables, fruits, multivitamin supplements to increase resistance and meditate for 3-4 hours a day for calm mind, light mind, positive thinking. After seven days of intensive treatment, I was happy when the quick test came back negative. Now my health is fine and I’m back to work. My lover, brother, and friends wholeheartedly support me to win the virus.

Phi Thanh Van announced her recovery from Covid-19 on December 11th. Video: Character bow

I should have gone to Da Lat in mid-December to participate in the movie This Tet, I have a husband But a week before the shooting date, I got Covid-19. I had to cancel the schedule for fear of affecting the progress of the group. Currently, I still stick with the profession but do less movies. I focus on business and take care of my son. Although I rarely appear in events and screens, I still try to keep a good relationship with colleagues, producers, and directors so that when there is a suitable project I participate as a way to maintain my passion. and engage with the audience.

Faced with many life events, how do you see yourself changing?

– In the past two years, I have lost a loved one, in which my parents died one by one, and now only my brother is left to rely on. When I was in my twenties, I lived in the aura of my profession, full of emotions and instinctively acting. At that time, I had a lot of ambition, eager to win, like to be admired by people. Therefore, I cannot avoid the scandals in life, even when the marriage breaks down, there are many scandals.

After breaking up with my second husband, I suffered and struggled for a while. I decided to go out and open more relationships to get rid of negative emotions. I met an acquaintance who is a master of psychology. I started digging, researching, taking psychology courses and becoming a different Phi Thanh Van. I know what to share with the audience, the public, and what to keep to myself. In the past, people saw me often talking about assets, buying luxury cars… now I’m less bragging.

Phi Thanh Van with her son - Tan Duc (5 years old).  Photo: Character provided

Phi Thanh Van with her son – Tan Duc (5 years old). Photo: Characters provided

What difficulties do you face when taking care of children alone?

– I both do business and raise children and find a way to teach Tan Duc scientifically, reducing the hardship. I do not scold when my son is stubborn, but gently remind him, so Tan Duc always cares about me and considers me as a close friend. Currently, I do not hire a nanny to take care of the baby, but take care of the children myself. Tan Duc was accompanied by his mother in meetings with familiar partners. I expose my child to an early social environment to train him to listen and learn, and to increase his communication ability.

Tan Duc is 5 years old and very good, can do personal hygiene, take a bath, clean up toys, help his mother with housework… When both mothers contracted Covid-19, my son was mildly ill, so he helped. Mom a lot like helping me get food from the delivery man, pouring water for her to drink…

Every morning I meditate for about 20 minutes, make breakfast for mother and daughter, open email to try to check the business. On weekends, mother and daughter go to shopping centers, walk the streets, sometimes take short trips. I invest in many fields such as media, real estate, education, car rental so the economy is very stable.

Phi Thanh Van was born in 1982 in Hanoi.  She started her career as a model, known through the TV series Ugly Girl (2008), Angels in White (2009)..., cinema films Bride of War(2011), Dragonfly ((2011) 2011), Winning the lottery (2015).  Photo: Character provided

Phi Thanh Van was born in 1982 in Hanoi. She started her career as a model, known through the TV series “Ugly Girl” (2008), “The Angels in White” (2009)…, the movie “Bride of War” ( 2011), “Dragonfly” (2011), “Winning the Lottery” (2015). Photo: Characters provided

After two broken marriages, how do you care about love affairs?

– I am dating and feel very happy, fun. We’ve known each other for almost a year. When he learned that his girlfriend had Covid-19, he was very worried, and sent me good medicines to treat at home. Come to think of it, when I lived with my first husband, he was rich and good, but we didn’t have the grace to have children. Tan Duc and I lived together for a few years when we found out that we were not compatible.

Through two marriages, I have gained a lot of experience in finding a life partner. The newcomer must be really good, rich, give me a feeling of being protected, to move forward with peace of mind. If that’s not enough, I think life with my son is also fun.

I think when a person has a career, property, finds a purpose in life, surrounded by many good people, then we feel happy. Now I feel free and comfortable with the life of a single mother because I have control over my time and finances. Nothing upsets me more than having no money. No matter what age you are, you must set a requirement for yourself to always do what you want. I have nothing to worry about and I consider myself younger than my age.

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