Phan Anh admits mistakes when doing charity

HanoiPhan Anh admitted for the first time that he was in trouble when he did charity work for the wrong purpose to call for donations in 2016.

As a guest at the seminar on the afternoon of September 24, the MC shared lessons from himself and discussed how to do charity effectively. Phan Anh took his story 5 years ago as an example of wrong purpose action.

At that time, he called for 24 billion VND to “emergency relief” for the people in the Central region who were experiencing floods. He plans to give each of them a gift worth one million dong. However, the MC encountered the situation that there were too many volunteer groups giving gifts in one locality, leading to “not receiving all of them, not coming out”. He thought about it and decided to do intensive charity work, buy seeds, build houses against floods.

Phan Anh admitted to making mistakes when volunteering in a seminar on the afternoon of September 24. Video: Great Solidarity

Phan Anh said: “At that time, I announced that I would switch to such a method, anyone who disagrees can withdraw the money. I kept thinking that I was good, had a vision but didn’t know I had not fulfilled the purpose. I I couldn’t ask all the opinions of more than 22,000 money transmitters. I apologize and accept the mistake.” He concluded that doing charity must stick to the original purpose, quickly, neatly, not to linger for a long time.

Responding to the MC’s question: “What is the biggest difficulty of doing charity work?”, Phan Anh said it was to control “greed – hatred – delusion”. He said when calling for support, he “greed” everyone’s recognition. “In one day I received 8 billion dong, I thought to myself that everything is too much, can I do it? But I still like the money flowing into my account, like the trust of the audience. I was greedy and lost my mind. Apple too, only believe in individuals, while their strength is limited, do not anticipate problems,” Phan Anh said.

MC advocates transparency and statements to protect the trust of society. He said he had set up a website and made all transactions public when he had problems with the language. In October 2016, Phan Anh called on people to contribute money to help the Central people on his personal page. He himself also contributed 500 million to the fund. The amount continuously increased, up to 24 billion VND. After that, MC was attacked by many people for not being transparent, suspected of stealing money.

Phan Anh was born in 1981, famous for his elegant style of leading through programs such as Vietnam Idol, Vietnamese Voice, Amazing Race... He has also acted in a number of TV series such as Curse of Wormwood, Rainbow. Love, Famed Family... For the past four years, male artists have been less active in showbiz.  Photo: Facebook MC Phan Anh

Phan Anh was born in 1981, famous through programs such as “Vietnam Idol”, “Vietnamese Voice”, “Amazing Race”… He also acted in a number of TV series such as “Curse of Blood Worm”, “Rainbow of love”, “Honorary family”… Four years ago, male artists were less active in showbiz. Photo: Facebook MC Phan Anh

Talk by newspaper Great Solidarity implemented to find directions for individuals to do charity. Singer Thai Thuy Linh agrees with Phan Anh’s opinion. She said: “I am always determined to do for whom, what do I want to help them and have I helped them yet.”

Guests agreed to put transparency first. Lawyer Le Ngoc Khanh said: “Without transparency, we can’t do anything. Many people lose faith in social organizations, so they put their trust in celebrities. But some artists make people distrustful.” .

Law doctor Luu Binh Pyongyang said that authorities need to build a legal basis for philanthropists to stick to it, take publicity and transparency as a guideline, and avoid profiteering. Thai Thuy Linh suggested that before introducing sanctions to sanction violations, managers need specific instructions: who should charity workers declare to, how long to keep money will be handled, how much money should be red bill…

Recently, a series of Vietnamese stars have had trouble with charity activities. Tran Thanh, Dam Vinh Hung, Thuy Tien are rumored to have raised many times the amount they announced last year. In the face of public pressure, Tran Thanh and Thuy Tien announced their bank statements, Dam Vinh Hung said he had filed a lawsuit against the person who slandered him… In the draft of a new code of conduct drafted at the beginning of the month. 9, The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism emphasized that artists need to “have the responsibility to contribute to the community, and at the same time be transparent in social and charitable activities”.

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