Pham Lich: ‘I’m ready to have children’

Dancer Pham Lich and her husband – music producer Nguyen Toan Trung – plan to have children soon after their wedding.

Pham Lich – Nguyen Toan Trung got married in Thai Binh and Hanoi on January 18. On this occasion, the dancer talked about married life.

– How do you feel when you get married after more than two years of love?

– My wife and I decided to get married a long time ago, so the feeling is not too surprising. Both returned home long before the wedding to prepare. Covid-19 is complicated, so we do it neatly, not inviting many guests to ensure epidemic prevention.

We will live in Hanoi for a while. I have been in Ho Chi Minh City for a long time, used to the rhythm of life here, when changing the living environment, there will be a little pressure. I reassured myself, remembering the time when I entered the South to set up a career, I could still take care of everything alone, believing that everything would be fine in the future.

Pham Lich with her husband at the wedding party on January 18 in her hometown – Thai Binh. Photo: Characters provided

– What challenges did your love story go through before going to the wedding?

– We used to have a long distance relationship, at that time Trung lived in Hanoi and I worked in Ho Chi Minh City. When he moved to the South, the two had time to get closer and get to know each other more. At first, I didn’t put my trust in him completely. I am inherently sensitive, plus work and relationships around make me see everything is fragile. Trung gradually removed the barrier between the two with sincerity, proving himself to be a family man, giving me a sense of security.

Last year Covid-19 became a test of our love. Living together, both reveal all their personalities, thoughts, bad habits. The epidemic has affected both of their jobs and reduced their incomes. I want to do many things, but social distancing can’t do anything, which is even more frustrating. Not doing art activities, I switched to trying other jobs, being cheated of money and causing myself stress. Fortunately, we were calm enough, sat down to see everything, and encouraged each other to overcome difficulties.

Pham Lich and his wife show off their choreography on the background of the song "Lemon Tree"

Pham Lich and his wife dance to the music of the song “Lemon Tree” in 2019 – at the beginning of love. Video: YouTube Central.X

– What has love helped you change to balance your life and build happiness?

– I am a very straightforward person, if I am not happy, I will show a careless attitude. Her husband understands that personality, so he often finds a way to conciliate and choose an appropriate behavior to reduce stress in the family atmosphere. Thanks to that, between us, we never fell into a loud state, unable to look at each other’s faces. Before a problem, both will not hide, often find a solution right away. I learned to control myself, calmly accept, handle everything in a gentle way.

Trung also changed a lot from the day he fell in love with me. Since deciding to get married, he has shown more responsibility, listening and understanding women’s psychology. He gave up the habit of staying up late, when his wife went to bed, he would temporarily put aside work to chat. My husband doesn’t mind going to the kitchen to help me, nor does he ask for this or that dish today. Thanks to that, our love becomes more and more salty.

– How do you plan to have children?

– My wife and I have wanted to have a baby for a long time, so are our families. They used to be afraid of us doing art, so they were childish and did not know how to take care of a long life. My husband and I determined that when we returned home, we should have a baby soon so that everyone would be less worried.

I have prepared healthily to be a mother, learned how to take care of and raise my first child well. When there’s good news, I’ll definitely let you know.

Pham Lich and Nguyen Toan Trung in a set of photos taken in October 2021.  Photo: Character provided

Pham Lich and Nguyen Toan Trung in a set of photos taken in October 2021. Photo: Characters provided

– How do you not have problems with your mother-in-law and daughter-in-law?

– Right now we don’t have to live with our parents, so we don’t have to put too much pressure on being a bride. We have a plan every few days to visit our parents, siblings, have a meal together. This New Year, I will buy many things to make the family atmosphere more warm.

When I lived alone, I did everything on my own including cleaning the house, cooking… so these skills are trivial. I like to eat at home, so I usually go to the kitchen, the meal will be full of salty dishes, fried or boiled vegetables, soup. If I have to live with my husband’s parents, I think I will soon adapt.

– In the past two years, your music encroachment has been quite lackluster, what is the reason?

– After the title of champion Familiar face, I once released a MV to thank the audience, I wanted to sing. It was quite a bold turn because singing was not my forte. Doing that is not difficult, but how to achieve success is the big problem. I’m not too confident in this, even though I’m passionate about it. Now I need to define this path more clearly, express my desire for more. I’m not too young to make mistakes, correct them, and have the right to do it over and over again. Last year without translation I started a few more projects. In 2022, I will try to come back soon, to show the audience more clearly about my decision to become a singer.

Pham Lich encroached on singing

Pham Lich released the MV “Love broke in two” in early 2021. Video: Pham Lich

Pham Lich was born in 1990, worked many jobs such as a sanitation worker, arranging eggs on the farm, selling clothes, a bar receptionist… before becoming a professional dancer. The artist who won runner-up Challenge with the same jump 2015, champion BILLION2016 celebrity challenge, Swap 2016, familiar face 2020. In February 2021, Pham Lich encroached on singing through MV Broken love.

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